Open and Trinity and all Openhanders:

I just wanted to deeply thank you all for being a continually evolving source of inspiration to me, and to the many other people here who read but do not post.

This site and everyone contributing to it has helped me immensely along the path - it feels like a solid home base, a place where I can be refreshed and rejuvenated - a place to get recentered within higher consciousness. It feels like an oasis... an island in the storm - an online community strongly embodying that same concept put forth in Divinicus.

I must have been tuning into this same energy because I signed on simply to find a meaningful way to express this gratitude, and had already written the above - not knowing where on the site it would land. It feels very appropriate to have landed here in the midst of the continuing positive evolution of the expression of Openhand.

Thank you all very much!