Hey MountainWarrior,

So nice to hear from you. And don't worry, you are most definitely NOT alone.

Your situation is greatly understood by many here, who've been through similar. The Law of Attraction draws you into situations that reflect two things: (1) inner beingness (2) distortions of inner beingness.

Because in most people the distortions are in initially very strong, then they draw their distortion in the people they manifest. But then you wake up. Your soul starts to break through. Now you start to manifest from a different place and the old reality you've created gets stirred up. It can feel like being in the centre of a tornado.

So hold on (by letting go!) - then you come into the eye of the storm. Now you draw different situations and people - your tribe!

However for a while, as you shed the old skin, you'll might find yourself stuck between both camps and no longer quite fitting in anywhere.

Don't worry, this is okay. The future is emerging steadily from the haziness. In due course it will clear. Your new consciousness will make new connections, naturally. It'll feel increasingly harmonious.

Welcome home. You're a part of the Worldwide Spirit Warrior Tribe now!...