So lovely to hear your sharing Mountain warrior . Like many in the Openhand community , we recognize fully and deeply where u are at right now . I have for the past 15 to 20 years of searching who i am " lost many friends " on the rocky twists and turns of this deep search . One trait of this " awakening " phenomenon is the following , at least in my personal experience :
The real meaning of why i could not hang out anymore with some friends always came later ... days or weeks or months later . I was always invited to understand the subtle reasons . My core question was : Am i loosing anything in this ? how does it make me feel ? Higher consciousness would reply pretty clearly in subtle ways : " U have lost nothing but learned to recognize some aspects of yourself that were not seen before " . I would than feel that there is a vibration shift within myself offering the chance to let go ... Often enough , new relations would enter my Life .Only a few rare relations have been evolving through the years and becoming amazingly fulfilling ( inner growth , deeper learning , strong deeper mirrors ) and loving .
Namaste , Jean