Yes indeed, although many might consider Shamanism was founded with the First Nation Americans, actually it long precedes that, having close ties with Tibetan Buddhism - in my direct knowing, Shamanism arose from Tibet.

Shamanism is certainly interwoven through the Openhand foundation energy. Which is why the Sacred Sweat Lodge is the climax of the level 3, and fire walking also features on some of the retreats - and especially the connection to power animals and nature.

If shamanism interests you, then you might like to check out the work of Simon Buxton within the Sacred Trust, which is actually based (not too far from you Aspasia) at Gaia's House in Dorset. For me, Simon is a genius of the art. You may find it a touch 'prescriptionary', but as long as we step through the form offered, there is lots to gain.

You may also be interested in the work of the "Tibetan", known as Djwahl Kuhl. Who was channeled by Alice Baily in the early 1900's. In the esoteric tradition, DK is known as the "Lord of the Seventh Ray" (there are similar interpretations of the seven rays that we talk about at Openhand). In the esoteric tradition, DK has worked very closely with Quan Yin. I find the 'teachings' closely affiliated with shamanism, and probably provides a good bridge between the two. I consider the work more 'mysticism'. There are many jewels to explore consciousness, especially how it manifests (like the Treatise in White Magic), but only if you read between the lines - so is the limitation of channeling.

Knowing (the being once known as) DK personally, I know that he has moved away from the work - moved away from the identity - as have all "Ascended Masters". Of course all identity is a trap, even if it's owned by others!

For sure, let's embrace the jewels in all of this wonderful work, but step through the form into our own formlessness.


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