Open, thank you for such an informative feedback – very interesting indeed!

Yes, I can see/feel that shamanic energy is foundational to Openhand. Looking forwards to doing the sweat lodge again, this time for longer! Oh, fire walking! Hope I get to experience this someday! Oh my!

I came across Buxton’s web site a couple of months ago whilst looking for info on shamanism. I have been searching for an approach that will speak to me. His spoke to me and now you are here confirming my gut feeling – thank you :)

Quan Yin, the compassionate warrior queen – love her! Her statue and painting (commissioned a friend artist to paint her for me…) are proudly taking a stand on my altar. DK, I do not know – interesting…had a look and found these wonderful words of his! Breath taking!:

“Before closing this message to you today, let Me refer briefly to a beautiful aspect of the returning to Earth of the Ascended Ones, in answer to the calls of those who accept their reality and assistance. These Great Ones always – without fail – express their sincere and intense gratitude to the Source of their life which gave them their Ascension. Such releases of Divine Gratitude from their Blessed Selves remains in Earth’s atmosphere as great Foci of their Perfected Consciousness – magnificent thought and feeling Forms of Blazing Light. Then, as is the Nature of the Ascended One’s Life and Light, these continue to expand and expand their perfection to all and all. Now gracious reader, will you too earnestly endeavour to produce, release and expand the God-momentums of your own lifestreams – so that everywhere you move you leave a permanent blessing of your Light here – for all to enjoy! I AM your friend of ever expanding Light, Djwal Kul”.

Yesterday night at the dance…on the altar a beautiful deck of cards called ‘Ascended Masters’. I pick one…’The Flow of Prosperity’, Lakshmi: the Hindu Goddess. The message: A new flow of prosperity is supporting you. Wow!!

And the other set of oracle cards…I pick one… 'Time to Move on'…the message: It’s time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in”. Wow!!


(greek for blessings!)