I am like you, Paul, have had similar concerns about supporting the family being the only "bread winner" in corporate business.  And to some point i still have some apprehension as my energy no is longer there at work as it used to be.  But i have found something rather interesting happening in my case when i just let go.

I will not compromise my soul but I still have all other soul aspects i can work with including diplomacy, empathy, commitment and others (seven rays in Openhand approach). Does it mean i have to quit a job? It depends.  I ask the question "does it serve to keep the job?" and at the same time i let go of that which doesn't serve.  I am being authentic with all the engagements at work and just let it roll.  

Yes, there maybe certain expectations from the family to provide financial stability but i will net let it burden me.  I trust and i flow.  Feels like riding a wave, like a surfer. I don't know when the wave will break binging me to the shore, but i ride as long as i can.  And i notice something miraculous seeing how the flow has taken me so far dodging all the engagements that wouldn't serve.

I am the surfer and wish you the same!