Hey there - have you been following us from Germany, Holland, France or Belgium? Wanting to get involved with the work?

There couldn't be a better place for you than this. It's a beautiful retreat centre near Bruges, not far from the capital of Europe Brussels. It's a beautiful space and easy to get to from all over Europe, with good flight links, trains and roads.

There are still a few places available on this one, so don't miss out. We've tailored 5GATEWAYS this year to incorporate both the level 1 and 2 Openhand courses. So it's good for beginners as well as people who've worked with us before.

Do you need clarity on your path? Not sure of your direction in life? This course is designed for you. It'll clear the density within, and therefore, open up a new pathway - a new narrative - for you in your life.

So come join us for the experience of a life time!


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