It's the greatest joy to know that my incarnation serves a higher purpose. I still don't know what that is, but I trust that I will be shown when the time comes.

That's what I wrote yesterday evening. Then I thought of a tremendous sign I was given some years ago. One evening I stepped outside. It was a full moon night. The moon stood exactly in the centre of a perfect, delicate ring of clouds. A few minutes later the clouds were dissipated by the wind. I had no doubt that this magical apparition had been created for me.

I looked up moon circles on the web then, but didn't see or read of anything similar to what I had seen. There were pics of moon haloes and information about women's moon circles, too, but nothing resonated strongly.

Today I looked up moon circles again and found a site called The Wild Woman Moon Circle. They meet once a month at new moon and have monthly themes. January is in the sign of Capricorn (my sign), the third and final earth sign and the archetype of the Grandmother.

They quoted a Hopi prophecy:
"When the grandmothers speak the world will heal."

During the New Years retreat Open called me an elder and suggested my holding women's circles. This felt very right and appropriate. In fact, I had wanted to meet a Sufi lady in Glastonbury who holds a weekly women's circle as I felt very drawn to her intuitive, creative and open approach. She doesn't actually lead the circles but holds the space for the energy to flow. We weren't able to meet this time, though.

I'm putting this out into the ether for it to grow.