Hi Helen,

Fantastic that you are putting your pull for a women's cirlce out into the ether. I sat with the pull for a women's circle for probably a year or more before it came to fruition. It felt like the right people had to appear and I had things to explore and unfold before it all fell into place and when it did it was very powerful. We went deep very quick.

We didn't have a particular person lead or hold the space. It felt important to me that we were all equal within the circle, sometimes different people would lead an activity as it flowed. It was a closed circle and again this felt important so we could get to know one another intimately and develop a sense of trust and safety. I love the idea of holding "the space for the energy to flow" - that certainly gets my vote :)

I'm not part of a women's circle at the moment as I moved location, though watching for possibilities that feel right...

May the right outcome unfold for you, those you share and sit in circle with are blessed.

With love, Fiona