... Today in the morning I was reading Llewellyn's newest book, and meditated on the following lines by him. It just feels like weaving into your sharing -- at least in my reading. Please do continue your life story - it's healing to read it.

Relationships teach us so much because they always include a fair share (aspects of) love. Sadly, most people are only happy with the crumbs from the table of love, not its completeness. Real Love is anything but syrupy sentimentality: it is all-demanding intensity, burning all veils and facades away, if one dares to let it slowly burn away the distortions.

"Love is not interested in neuroses or problems. It is too free; it is too potent. It gets between the cracks of your defenses. It is like a perfume; it isn't there and it is there and you want it but you're terrified of it. You long for it even if you know it may cause you unbelievable suffering -- you don't care."

And my main meditational lines today that I felt to share reading you:

"Love can lead you not just toward union, but also into nothingness. The very presence of love is also absence. If there's love, there's no "you" because it would take up the space where love is. And yet, love needs you: You are needed to bring love into the world, the emptier you are, the more love flows through you."
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, For Love of the Real (2015)

So these experiences are about us growing up, yes, and/but mostly about growing beyond ourselves... Self realisation is a stage along the path. But it is not the end of the journey.