Thank you so much for the sharing, Réka. Yes, of course, one makes these experiences on the way of the soul to self realisation and unity.

I think one must reach a certain stage in one's development to be able to "contain" the frequency of Love, reflections of the twin flame, unconditional love, divine love, whatever one wants to call it. As I experienced earlier on in my journey, this energy was too strong for me to bear. It isn't compatible with a low frequency, just as kundalini isn't. Love and kundalini are probably the same energy as universal life force and have the same intensity. Therefore the quest after having tasted Love briefly, is the overcoming of base instincts, emotions, the step by step transformation and death of the ego.

I found the video on the work in Tamera that you posted on your thread, the Healing of the Divine Feminine, very interesting and important. The community in Tamera took the vow to find out the reason for war and they look for it in themselves and in their relationships with each other. Quote: "There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love." They strive to live together in peace and this means for them confronting their fears. They experience love and intimacy as emotions that awaken fear, which then leads to strife and conflicts.

Here is the link again, for who's interested:

I understand that war, whether on the personal or or the societal level, is the logical consequence of not being capable of loving unconditionally. Love and fear are in fact not opposites but can exist at the same time in a person. The opposite of love will therefore be hate, which is the complementary emotion, the other side of the coin, in a person or society that live on a low, 3D level. So on this level, there can be no peace, as unconditional love cannot exist.