yes, Trin, oh yes...
And I know you've touched this space of nothingness, the beyondness of beyond, the place of no place, this "yin abyss", this feminine cosmic womb a long-long time ago. And how it evaporates through you and your everyday doings in life <3

Helen, my dearest,
I hope my last night sharing to you about 2nd World War Budapest women raped by both German and Russian soldiers (about how war energy gets passed down through the generations even to present day women whom I see in consultations or the birth rooms, and all), was not too much <3

And yes -- containing the frequency of (capital letter) Unconditional Love (some do name it Kundalini, but I feel that term got corrupted along the way, so I choose not to) ... So containing this energy in the past years has been one 'helluva' spiritual practice of mine, but I would not ever want to change it for anything else! It is a very clean, burning, purifying, evolutionary energy -- meaning it slowly puts everything into the flames so to stand in the middle of this fire is very exhausting, and unsettling. No wonder we fear we cannot containing it...

There are moments, blessed moments, of being lost - and found again. I try to focus on those ones.

To me, musically, this second movement of Ravel's Concerto in G major (Adagio Assai, played by Zimerman) expresses those intangible moments of dynamic peace that can be felt in the beyondness of things... It's one of my most favourite pieces of music, EVER... It's a slow building one, so bear with it, if you wish, it starts happening in the second half <3

holding your sisterly hands, of you both, in graditude,