Hi Fiona - First of all I really appreciate the way you write and all of the little treasures you pull in =).

What you say here is so key:
"When I become identified, resist and get absorbed in the pain or loneliness, I cause myself suffering. I recognise the importance of being with such painful feelings, whatever they might be, exploring them and finding the root cause."

My own journey with being alone is in one hand so lovely in that I do fully enjoy the time that I am alone - I don't feel like I have to have someone else around - it's essential and so nurturing for me. On the other hand I have been confronting the subconscious patterns of need that arises when I FEEL alone, when I feel I can't handle reality by myself and how I can project that fear onto those around me - get angry or feel they are the source of the pain when they can't be physically or emotionally there for me in the way I think I need. I am finding the most beautiful sense of capability - of taking care of things - not waiting for someone else and also a sense of completeness inside - a deeper connection that's only available when I stop reaching for others. I also feel more able to allow others (and myself) to be as they are, to love them/me more, to let space grow even when fear wants me to close the gap and accept my own creation and why I have created it. I have been going through waves of this as there is an unravelling of the entanglements in my relationship. As this happens it is getting easier to feel what is authentic in it all - it's been a deep confrontation and transformation of what being alone means to me and an awesome treasure hunt of qualities I am reclaiming...I am sure it is still to unravel in ways I can only imagine and truly feeling All One emerges through each confrontation of where I am not feeling All One! =)

I have never seen The Little Prince movie! I am going to watch that!!

Thank you Fiona so much for the lovely sharing.

With love,