Hey Fiona- thank you for the kind encouragement. It is all very much a work in progress as the feelings that come up when this stuff is stimulates is still in there ... I have more work to do to go deeper into it for sure, but the aligned feelings are growing at the same time which bolsters me through it. Powerful what you said here:

"And then if I can be open in that not needing space, support and connection arrives in unexpected and magical ways."

Yes in working through these feelings and finding sovereignty through it, then I am open to the unexpected, to the magic. Part of the journey through aloneness seems to be confronting the feeling that you will be alone forever with no support, no connections - there is a lack of trust... A belief that maybe I am just left to fend for myself...and in diving into that something else is found. Right now it's still an ember but growing =)

With love,