oh and also from a pratical perspective I know its not always easy. because the soul has that dynamic I think - to realise Itself, in relation to others.

I mean there's an invitation to look for soul yearning - how does soul wnat to express?
Perhaps there's a need to go deep into the numbness as Fiona said, perhaps the soul is looking for itself within that place. Once you've experienced it as much as you need, then you can find the light through that and the path forwards. What does it evoke for you? What feelings arise, and can you be with them? Perhaps there's an invitation to be able to support and honour your self, to love yourself?

Then also perhaps there's a pattern of hiding away because it feels ultimately 'easier' than interacting, and being vulnerable? But does it serve you? Perhaps you know your soul wants more because of how you feel. Perhaps its the resolution of those feelings and sense of purpose taht's required? If that's the case, how do you feel to 'move forwards', to be, to express?