Hi Rayko,

Thanks for sharing your exploration, it feels like there is a delicate balance between having time in solitude and being in relation to others. Thanks Ben for sharing your keen insights.

There is a great power in being vulnerable and being seen by others. I agree Rayko much of our experience of vulnerability (or mine at least) arises in relation to others. It also supports me in seeing and getting to know more of me in a different way to spending time by myself. As I type that I can feel tightness at the thought of exposing myself... much easier sometimes to hide away (though that's not what I'm here for). While being in relation to others is another wonderful way of discovering more about myself and a source of much joy, connectedness and soulful expression! Ben highlights the interconnection that we are all part of that is such a rich part of the human experience.

I guess the question that is always useful to ask is "What is right for me in this moment?" and to keep walking my path, which can take me where I need to be...

Love, Fiona