Hi Catherine,

You asked with regards working through distortions...

    does one hold back, feel into the tightness, release, and express the higher truth or does one express the distortion as a step to realizing and expressing the higher truth? My sense is that there is no hard and fast rule to this and that either might be called for depending on the circumstances.

I believe it's really important not to stifle the feeling and repress it. I see this goes on so much - it's like people have been trained not to express themselves fully - especially the negative feelings, when you don't feel so good.

But there will be times when this is not appropriate - when others wouldn't understand. That's where inner containment of the feelings is important. But only for so long as you can find your own space to work with it. Of course I'm not advocating long time suppression.

It's also important to really get to know the energy you're working with. If you just blow your top as soon as you feel something, the risk is you actually distract from going deeper - the expression can become a distraction. Like an emotional 'fizz'.

    Be aware if you're simply projecting outwards. I think this is what happened in the Bowie exploration. I'd say the attention has to be focused on the inner, but allowing that to bubble up and release. Remember, it's never about anyone out there. They may be the catalyst, but they're your own feelings you're dealing with.

    If there's the tendency to judge another, always but always it's because there's something inside that you're judging or denying about yourself. If there's a tendency to angry with others, you're really getting angry about that repressed aspect in you. Or else you'd just happily witness and accept what's going on in the outer.

As you get more skilled at working deep into the layers of inner consciousness, you become much more able to work with it without too much external expression or reaction. This is pretty advanced.

In the enlightened state, you're constantly processing this way - constantly opening out through compressions in the field, inside yourself. You're constantly balancing the emotional playing field.

I trust this brings a little light to how you're working.