Hi Faye,

I totally understand that one would want to share the experiences of one's life with a partner - what a beautiful experience. However it's the 'craving companionship' with another that's the problem. The craving is essentially saying 'I can't be whole and complete by myself'. Whereupon one of two things is going to happen...

- either the soul manifests aloneness until you can feel completely okay with that
- or the ego manifests a relationship that breaks down, because it can never ultimately fulfill the hole

The way to manifest the perfect partner for you, is to first love yourself the way you would want another to love you. If you want someone to be whole and complete enough not to disempower you by trying to own your energy, then first you must become whole and complete in yourself. Then the perfect partner will effortlessly manifest, without even having to look. The Law of Attraction will simply draw you together.


Open *OK*