Hi Kim,

You said...

    "When I was out walking today I was consciously doing this, opening and bringing the feelings stimulated by the outer landscape back inside of me. At one point there was a happy couple which I felt a completeness inside but it got really overwhelming, like the feeling of love was too much and I couldn't just allow it fully. I have felt this at times suppressing how much love I feel for someone."

Yes I have had similar experiences - where the love is so strong, I've felt like I was going to burst - like the profound experiences of multiple synchronicities clicking in, feeling like the whole universe is supporting you. I think the human bodymind struggles with this depth of love - it's like the energy is too strong. Especially if there's still the filters of ego - it can literally blast them apart.

I've found the best way to embody such love, when it occurs in this strength, is to breathe it down inside, to burn away any of the 'dross', progressively. It'll be immensely healing and really open you up.

It makes you feel immensely open - incredibly vulnerable - because true love is the absence of control. Hence the absence of tightness and separation.

Open *OK*