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I just wanted to say-I got up really early and did the practice-the breakthrough breathing followed by the visualisations of my love and passion flowing out to my ex and ex's, then mirroring it back. Crikey-it is a powerful one! Once I got going with it it felt like it became a self sustaining loop that just kept coming. I noticed a couple of things-that I somehow kept putting up a faint but effective barrier around my chest / heart area. I just kept breathing into it to try and dissolve it. At one point my body did a massive shudder and that seemed to shift it... And the other thing I noticed was that once I felt filled up by all my reflected power and love, that I had a sense of insecurity that it might leak out again. Not sure how to resolve that one, except that Im going to get up every morning for this week, and do this same practice. The final thing that was interesting was that all the men I had lost my energy to were there in my imagination. It was like they were there in a semi circle around my field from left to right. I could see the different qualities that attracted me -and the reflection of the truest aspects of me there in each one. Interestingly to my right hand side, there were a couple of presences there, with no faces, but I could feel them there-just white bright spaces. Its funny-it felt like these presences were in my future. I could still project and reflect from them too. Thanks so much for the heads up on this practice. It is a new one to me and definitely seemed to do something important!