I know Im posting a lot at the minute, because Im really working through something at the moment. I hope it's OK with you all. It's so helpful to share and get feedback, as Im sure you all must find-I guess thats what this forum if for. Anyway I did the breakthrough breathing and tried to do the sending out love to ex lovers... I just couldn't do it today. I just felt big voids in my abdomen and chest area. It was like there were several voids all different shapes, and I just felt empty and depleted-like I had given everything away and there was nothing left. So I figured I needed some help and love from the universe, so I opened up from my root chakra and let the gaia energy come up and through me. This felt wonderful for a time and seemed to replenish my consciousness probably to about 60%, but it just couldn't quite get there somehow. There was a particular blank spot though to my upper right chest and arm area. I often find this. Today more than ever before I noticed a dark black shape-like a black cloud. I tried accepting its presence, giving it love, breathing into it...What happened next is it seemed to slither, or move like lava in a lava lamp up into the top of my head! Which is where it still is. I have a funny light aching feeling in there. What do I do?? This morning I just couldn't shift it myself, an dI did try all sorts. I feel like its probably been there for a while. Its not the first time Ive felt it, but it is the most pronounced I would say.

There is one more thing that I wanted to say before but felt a bit shy, but Im going to say it anyway because its a big factor in whats going on for me at the moment, and Im probably not alone, is that I have so much sexual energy charging around my body-with no where to go and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it all! I figure there must be a way of putting it to good use. Can I use it to deal with the black cloud thing??

Any advice welcome :)