Hi SpiritualSpartan, greetings!

It's a fascinating exploration you're having - one which offers the possibility of a major breakthrough, although the answer I feel given to share, probably won't be the one you're looking for. :-)

I should begin by saying I too have been a martial artist both in this lifetime and others. I'm well aware of the place you're exploring.

I'd say the crux is here...

    The teacher then says to his student: “That is our first goal, to shorten the time it takes for your brain to register that the ruler has fallen and the time needed to inform the hand to close & grasp the ruler. Shortening this gap in your reaction will create a great advantage against your opponents; it creates the ability to anticipate and react with the proper technique needed to be the victor in battle.”

Who is deciding the goal? Who wants to succeed? Where is the battle and the victor?

It's all identity trying to achieve something, to test something, to win something. And as such, it's an ego divorced from the flow and indepth awareness of what the field is inviting.

    To me, Bruce Lee provided a fascinating example of this. He was clearly one of the best martial artists of his time. Few opponents could 'better' him in the art. Yet I put it to you that this constant striving to be better, to win and to beat someone, created his own inner demons which eventually floored him.

When one is in the flow, it is possible to do the simplest of things with great awareness, it is possible to bend spacetime so that time and distance cease to exist. Travel to a far away planet? It can be done in seconds by removing the distance in timespace between you and the object.

    In 1973 a psychic called Ingo Swan traveled to Jupiter and reported it had rings around it - similar to Saturn. But he was laughed at. At the time, everyone knew only Saturn had rings. That was until in 1979 the space probe Voyager arrived at Jupiter and photographed the said rings proving Swan correct. He had apparently traveled there in less than 3 minutes.

So anything is possible within quantum time/space. The question is, who is trying to do what? Because the moment you establish a separation trying the test or prove something, is more often than not, when you disconnect from the flow.

A more beneficial approach (to one's soul), would be to learn how to surrender to the flow. Then the layers of the ego start to peel away. Your consciousness expands into the field and into multiple dimensions of existence - where you experience all manner of things beyond imagination.

This would require a radical change in the way one usually deals with life in society - trying to win, achieve, to capitalise, to have agendas and fixed goals.

It requires a great deal of letting go, feeling into the moment, connecting with the soul and letting it take you to 'right' choices.

When I remembered this, I was invited to give up Karate - a passion. The universe was suggesting I use the knowledge and energy of it to develop something else - which would align me more accurately with the flow. I started to develop a unique practice called soulmotion which I evolved from martial arts warm up routines which has the purpose of attuning the soul (we now teach it on the Openhand Courses).

    Actually there was no intention to create soulmotion, rather it is more accurate to say, that it evolved itself through me.

However, I still found it hard to give up karate - until on the very last session, the very last move, the universe spoke to me unequivocally....

    As I looked down, my treasured Blackbelt simply unfolded itself and fell off.

It was the last time I ever wore it!