Very interesting thread. A couple of years ago I noticed that time is "on my side" :-) and I can widen or shorten my time-consideration. I actually went to places in impossibly short time periods. When I really "wanted" (ego) to arrive somewhere at a certain time, it did not work. However, when I just thought that I would be there by a certain time, - did not think about how and why or is it possible at all, and did not look at my watch just took is for granted that it would happen - I normally arrived there at the exact minute I thought of. Sometimes I had to "listen" to time when he or she added a few minutes, but I accepted that always. It was/is an interesting experience.

It also can be done with emotions, putting some space between the emotion and myself. This puts me in an observer position and helps distinguish the emotion (which most of the time comes from someone else) and myself. It is very useful to me, as an empath and a highly sensitive person I very easily take on someone else's emotion, and state. Took a long time to realize that :-) but life is a lot easier since I know that this was what I was doing.

So I would try, SpiritualSpartan, just simply consider having some space between your ever-loving and forever-existing beautiful soul and the emotion, desire, troubling thought. As time and space is a consideration, doing just that (considering) might be helpful. But of course you have to find the way of doing that, that is yours :-).