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Time... what a concept!

I still associate my "self" with my body & mind (ego); i tend to latch on to an emotion before i even give myself a chance to counter it or offer another way to handle a situation. Adopting the role of the witness seems to be the only way to create a space in time to allow me to feel the emotion & accept that it is there, but it takes quite a bit of will power to choose NOT to act on the emotion, this is where i still continue to struggle.

I need to research some philosophy on the role of the Witness and methods others use to trigger that level of consciousness... maybe a phrase or mantra to remind myself that "it seems an emotion is rising, its time to witness & not act"... of course in theory its always easier said than done... but i truly appreciate your feedback!! Youre right, the method of attaining that state of awareness is going to fall directly in my lap!