Well, I have news for you: I don't think you associate your self with your body and mind. Otherwise how would you be able to say that "I tend to latch on to an emotion"... who is that then, who is latching on...? :-) I sense that your self-awareness is greater than you admit to yourself. :-) Take a look. You are writing things that come from you, not your ego or body, but you, my dear friend :-).

Instead of struggling and trying to combat and fight down the emotion, how about softening into it (I love this expression, Open :-))? Just feel it, let it go through you, don't act on it just feel it inside, until it subsides or integrates or just disappeares, and what remains is: you. And if you acted upon it? So what? When you realize it, it already happened, so leave it behind. Don't be hard on yourself :-). Next time you will recognize it sooner and sooner. And what matters is that you are working on yourself and moving forward. :-)