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Well, that certainly IS good news!! I do find it much easier to express myself in writing than any other form of communication; verbally is where i run in to most issues...the Ego snaps a response faster than im able to contemplate the phenomena that triggered the response in the first place... And post action i tend to want to determine the cause of what just happened by re-tracing the patterns of thought that led to my response... further strengthening my attachment to both what happened & how it happened...

i often catch myself in this post thought analysis and hear myself saying "it really doesn't matter, its already happened..." the analytical part of me is both a blessing and a curse at times. Perhaps I'm not being patient enough with myself to allow enough time for the emotion to subside... sounds like some new Meditation Material has arose from this conversation... ;)

I like the name Spiritual Spartan because it reflects my devotion and determination to work on myself every day... i believe i need to be "hard" or "tough" on myself because i have a tendency to allow laziness to set it quite easily... perhaps there's a different approach to be taken,such as that of a Guru or other form of mentor... i need to remain disciplined but also express some compassion for myself & what im attempting to accomplish - inner peace and to become my true self.