I hear you and see what happens. Of course, it happens to more of us, that there is a situation and we "snap". But then you realize what happens, even if later, and then you snap later, and after a while you won't, on that specific thing. But then something else comes along. I think you should experiment on what Treebrother says, and catch that thought before the emotion - which most of the time some judgment about someone else. :-) See what happens!

I can see that you believe to be hard on yourself :-). But why? Did it solve anything so far for you being tough and not allowing yourself to be lazy sometimes? Which means what by the way, for you? Maybe laziness is just "being there", which is goood! :-) Just pondering on things, doing absolutely nothing (at least one thinks that) - why would it be bad?

Devotion and determination to work on yourself is great, I think. To love yourself, including the analytical and lazy part is also good :-). Everything is energy and if you fight yourself and are tough on yourself, you will attract energyflows that vibrate like that too, and there comes a confict - so you can fight. What is inside, creates the outside world. Just for an experiment, try to be more allowing and more loving towards yourself, forgiving and smile at your reflection in the mirror and notice what changes. :-)