Well this a great exchange - lots to be seen and realised :-)

Observing the emotions and what they cause is one thing. It establishes that you are not the thoughts or emotions. That's the first step. But it also risks building false identity if we stay in that place.

Of course there's nothing wrong with thought and emotion - they're a vital part of this colourful masterpiece called life.

It's about having the freedom to fully express, as yourself, without being owned by the expression.

In the 5GATEWAYS work, we speak of becoming the Observer of everything that is going on - by opening the mind, not judging oneself for ones actions. But then we must also work into the heart - to open the heart by becoming fully conscious of our feelings.

At various points we'll notice tightness, where we get owned. The point to realise is..... this is the point of the moment - to feel this tightness

When you get that, you've got a golden opportunity. Feel into the tightness and fully express it. When you do this, something profoundly important happens - you dissolve as the Observer into the One. The One is pure presence through the experience. It is the blank canvass upon which all the colours are painted. But it's not separate from, it's through the experience. I think it's what you mean JJ when you refer to "the silent thought".

Having an experience and then going back over it can be priceless - to regress into the feelings and reactions. Because then you can work to realign your consciousness through the situation and become the One in it.

JJ you ask about an appropriate meditation? I think regression into the experiences would probably be more valuable. Here's how we work with such integrations on the Openhand Courses...9 Step Spiritual Healing Process

Give it a whirl, see how it might help.

Open *OK*