In my opinion it is not yoga, meditation etc. that makes you stay in the now, but yourself. Even if they help you achieving that, it is YOU doing it. So when you take a break, it is only you, resting, doing whatever. Maybe you should take a break more often and stay in your own company :-). Meditation should be easy, just like when you are taking a walk. Notice the environment, observe the trees, the clouds, feel the breeze, notice your feelings... with no judgment. Just feel them. :-)

How about doing things that make you feel good, for a few days? Not in a spartian way, like you overcame something and you succeeded, but just for the sake of nothing. With no effort. Like when you are in a pool, lying on your back, letting the waves wash through you. If it means that you meditate, or sleep, or do yoga, then do that. But not because it is a routine, but because it makes you feel complete somehow. Not sure if I manage to get it accross to you what I would like to, but hope so :-D.

For me, being alert and mindful is not something that you "do", but something that you "are", closer to "being" than to "doing". Allowing. Being kind (to yourself), observing, noticing, being peaceful inside.

Again, it is only my opinion. You have to find your own harmony and balance on your own way, and the first step is "dont be hard you yourself". :-)