What a beautiful topic, Fiona! Thank you!

Funny thing about real/pure/undistorted gratitude is that it's not to be "done" but it's to be given into as in fact it is a filling energy that flows through us, and per definition brings with it the state of abundance.

There's maybe a difference between being grateful FOR something, or being in the state of gratitude? Being in the state of gratitude, one experiences an outflow of abundant feelings whereas in being grateful for something, or to somebody, there lurks still the idea of absence, or "the hole that got filled in"...

In other words, though the direction of the energy is outward flowing, in fact it is an introverted experience which is not dependent on external objects/people.

At the time of Isis Priestesses there were sacred teachings about the seven sacred gates, inside the female body, one of them being the Gate of Gratitude, associated with the G spot, which, as we know, is a floodgate of abundant sexual juices. Of course in order to understand the deep significance of that all, we need to look at each and every part and aspect of our bodies as sacred and metaphoric, just as these priestesses regarded the body as temples, too.

These gates are serious life transitions, rites of passages. So it seems, at least according to these ancient, feminine teachings, that to pass through the gate of gratitude, to really come out from a state of (perceived) need and hunger into a state of deep realization of the abundance of it all (and how we are in fact channels, birth canals for this abundance flowing through us) is one of those stages that are necessary for total personal unfolding, and what makes the gates open for the Soul wanting to flow.