Hi Open,

As a prime example for me - over the last few years we've been doing lots of building,repair and decorating work and every time it comes to make a decision about what product to buy or how to proceed I find/found myself right in the middle of these two flows - on the one hand an authentic higher pull to a particular creation, and leading into the pull to use the most environmentally sound and natursl products possible in that, then meeting the practical side - well some building products just aren't sustainable/environmentally sound, others are shipped around the world etc - sometimes there are no 'natural', or even recylced alternatives, although i spent many many hours scouring the shops and online to realise that. It was incredibly frustrating. I did learn after many times that compromise in a practical way was not only okay but necessary in order to move forward.

There's lots of examples of course! I think often decisions are difficult because most things 'here' are a 'compromise', a meeting of the two pulls. I had already come to a greater place of surrender in the compromise of expression here. You writing about the two flows really helps me understand and integrate that more fully. Thankyou.
It so amazing how you not only have the depth of insight but are able to put it into easily understandable words.