Love this article Open - thank you for elaborating on this. =)

I read this article while seated in a cafe in the midst of a tornado warning...a poignant mirror to what feels like to me increasing winds of change. In my personal world, things are coming up that challenge me to surrender more deeply to the I am potentially asked to rejoin the workforce, I feel all manner of things being stirred up - that need to be so...abandonment, betrayal - all of which is already in here and being triggered by possibilities - an exploration within the other of what is real for him, what really makes his heart sing...that's awesome on many levels but it's stirring up stuff I didn't know I still had in here! =). As the mind started to panic about the lack of "hard" skills after being home with the children for the last 12 years...I started to see signs "the key" "stay connected" - "hardware imagination" "Midway services"....attuning to this higher flow...the reality I have become accustomed to appears to be breaking down on some level - inviting me to confront these aspects that are attached to the lower flow. A sense of peace descended upon me as I read the words Creating the seeming mess, in the breakdown is the alignment with the flow of love, beauty and truth. Bring it on!