Today I've been sitting all day alone, with myself, meditating, observing, contemplating, thinking of my younger years, why I did certain choices in my life, why I emigrated 11 years ago to the Netherlands (a water country which to me says a lot, don't want to go into details right now). Since a while ago I've been yearning so much for finding my true passion and literally live from it and then I came to the conclusion that I am good where I am now and somehow I felt that my job was to link/connect people and then I've bumped into your article above which literally has spoken to my heart. I am working for an international company and I somehow sort of like what I do (business support for Southern European customers) but I am not 100% convinced I should be still doing this for a very long time. I now quite certainly know I am only there to just be, nothing more, but I've also noticed that I can very well connect with people at many levels, yet tending to support those ones who are less fortunate, who have less confidence or can't integrate or are seen as outsiders. I guess the idea of building bridges has given me a better insight on what my purpose more or less is.