Ahh Cathy, I feel for you <3

You said...

    "I have felt at times like I have no purpose here anymore. I know it's time to let go of this identity, but it feels sacrilegious to do so. As I gradually unravel, it's been challenging to find the will to keep going. What I'm discovering is that willpower sometimes means just getting out of bed each morning and continuing to find and express love and compassion out of the broken pieces in whatever small ways I can."

The ego (including any spiritual identity) often considers that our destiny is 'to do something'. One's meaning and purpose seems defined by this - ego is often built on its foundation stones.

But it is an illusion!

The universe has no purpose. Or else who intended that, and where did they come from?

But what the universe does most amazingly, all by itself, without intention is to express itself. Consider the bigbang - it was the ultimate self expression.

What I've found then, is that if you align yourself with this apparent purpose - simply to express yourself as accurately and fully as you can, then there comes with it a magical feeling of rightness, as the energy of the universe infuses into you.

But letting go of the need to do a particular thing, especially where it justifies ego, is a tough thing to do. I'm aware of that.

And when this aspect of the ego finally collapses, yes it's pretty painful. But keep working through it my friend. Because the clouds will clear, and you'll feel a new depth of self-acceptance - just for being you - in a way that was not previously imaginable.

With love

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