This is so inspiring... what's new for me is that I feel no anxiety about the catastrophic collapse anymore. I'm at that cliff and ready to jump at this very moment. Ready to commit myself fully to this new world that's been calling me. I also sense increasing polarization within my being as well as the world. The more control wants to be injected, the greater the force to pull away and be free. It feels like the control is actually strengthening the surge for freedom. I also feel two persons within me now and the free one wants to express more lately.

Open, you said:
So in my meditations, I harness what I feel to be the realigning flow within me - the underlying unity consciousness - then I allow it to flow out into the world. I certainly don't intend what it should do - that's simply control.

Thank you for this. I have already been doing it, but now I'll be doing it with greater awareness. I feel it's actually happening as I'm writing this. There is this swelling of compassion and a sense of being one with all radiating from my being (mainly heart).

Alpollonius, you said:

The question comes to mind: if people turn away from these systems of control, will they understand the meaning of true freedom and what it entails?

It seems to me it may be the other way around... the people who understand the true freedom will turn away from the system of control as a consequence of that understanding.
Hugs to all.