Hey, Apollonius. I see that going back and forth internally and in the "outside world" too. People seem to want to taste some of the freedom, but not 100%. There are new lifestyles coming up in the North America, like the "Ecologist" or the "Conscious Businessman". It seems the matrix is trying to contain the new need for freedom. It is very interesting to watch.

And I'm curious too how it will all unfold. I've visited an off the grid community in western Canada this summer and found it fascinating. They've been doing it for 2 generations now. Yes, they still use gas and some other matrix supplies, live in self built ecological houses but the mindset is disconnected from the matrix. They mainly don't care about the system and only oppose it if it encroaches on their freedoms, like opposing logging efforts. So, there is no undercurrent of fighting against something, just free living surrounded by likeminded people and creating their own culture and collaborating with the indigenous tribes. Let me know if you are interested in experiencing it, as they are always looking for woofers.