Great conversation everyone :-)

Apollonius you said...

    "If you break away from a system doesn't mean you're automatically unplugged from the energetic matrix. I'm just curious how this will unfold. For example: will people start living off the grid but still, energetically, be fighting the system? If so, how long will their new communities stay afloat?"

It's a great question, because yes, there are many layers. Often when people speak in blogs of being 'awakened to the system', that's not necessarily spiritually awakened. Then there are levels of awakening and trust, it's not an 'on/off' thing. So people have to unplug overtime, progressively, in stages.

Of course as they unplug, at each new level, the new realisations create a new consensus reality. But these can't be fixed. They must keep evolving right into the new paradigm. Why is that necessary?

Living off-grid, in my observation, is not the end goal, but merely a stepping stone. I observe you get to that (off-grid) realisation, then start to contemplate:

    "Well, is it even right to calve out our bit of the earth in this way?"
    "What about everyone else?"
    "Is it even right to control the earth through farming?"
    "How many people should the earth support in this way? Who decides?"
    "How much space should we 'allow' to the natural eco-systems?"

Because it's Gaia that should regulate the Earth - she was given that responsibility - based on her level of evolution. She represents the foundation flow of this consensus reality. All other life on the planet blends with that, living from what is naturally provided....except Homo Sapiens.

    Homo Sapiens has been purposefully configured - hybridised - to fit within a system that has been designed to change the entire energetic configuration of the earth. It's an external 'intervention' - an energetic virus.

Homo Sapiens is an integral part of that system. As you take the system away, ultimately, there's no choice, you must take Homo Sapiens away aswell.

It's a huge realisation. That's why the shift must ultimately come with a new evolution of being (what I call DIVINICUS). The deeper into yourself you explore, and how that interrelates with the natural energy fields of the authentic planet, the more I believe this conclusion becomes obvious.

As soul infuses deeply through your being, you steadily realise the mismatch of frequencies - inside yourself. The old Homo Sapiens DNA must change. A soul of one particular frequency cannot ultimately live in a body with such mismatch. The Being must evolve - and it will. Some already are!