Thanks Margaret for you tip about this community in Canada. Right now, though, I feel my place is here in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I used to flee away from this city every now and then because the city-consciousness was becoming just too much for me to handle. But as I unplugged myself from the matrix more and more it became easier to live here and occasional visits to nature will do the job right now. I haven't really figured out yet if there's a need for people to move out of cities who have chosen to be committed to their spiritual evolution. I myself feel one shouldn't make that decision too soon because oftentimes it's just the ego wanting to run away from the 'negative' energies. I believe we sometimes need that grumpy neighbour to cheer us up, that overload of noise to realise we're absolutely silent inside and those chemtrails to remind us of our immortality as conscious beings. And besides that, I feel less and less fear about certain energies because they start to resonate with me and not the other way around!

So as I'm becoming closer and closer to my enlightenment (Divinicus?) the old world seems to disappear from me. And with me millions of people are energetically leaving the old world but also millions might never do. As we are collectively creating the surface we walk on, together with Gaia, one might wonder if in the future there's going to be still one humanity walking on one earth. Will homo sapiens create its own reality and will DIVINICUS create his? In my opinion when two huge collectives coexist in the same reality but are totally diverging in consciousness a split will occur and each will create their own playing field, density or planet. I cannot foresee if there will be a meld with the already existing new earth (5th dimensional) or that two earth will be created and a split occurs. But if I feel into it I can feel the gap widening; you're either evolving or you don't. No middle ground there it appears. I know your stance on this Open but I'm contemplating different scenario's here because it resonates with me right now. But that might all have changed in a year or so when new insights appear. Or it might not, we''ll see.