Hey Apollonius and Open.

Thanks guys for providing the big picture point of view. It helped me expand today as I was a bit contracted. This discussion turned out to be so fascinating! You asked some stirring questions and I would really like to understand deeper the process of DNA change. My body feels different lately and I wonder if some changes on the genetic level started to occur or perhaps you were talking about new people being born with a realigned DNA. How much land do we allow to be arable? How many of us should remain? Wouldn't it all regulate naturally if we all just gave up control (which is most likely not going to happen, but may be interesting to consider at least).

Open, you said all other life blends with the consensus reality, but I’m tripping on the carnivorous animals. How is that aligned? Also, I’m noticing that when in the states of heightened awareness I eat less and I even hardly breathe, so perhaps at the higher level of evolution we wouldn’t have to worry about farming at all?

Apollonius, you mention the old world disappearing from you as you change. I’m noticing that too (if I understand you correctly). I just came back from a trip and the old home world feels different, like the rules it runs on changed. I know I shifted quite a bit, so yeah, it all makes sense.

My visit with the off the grid community left me with recurring questions “how much is enough?”, "do I really need this?" and I’ve noticed my needs in regards to stuff I own went rapidly down.

You also asked:
“Will homo sapiens create its own reality and will DIVINICUS create his? In my opinion when two huge collectives coexist in the same reality but are totally diverging in consciousness a split will occur and each will create their own playing field, densit or planet.”

Interesting. I wonder too what’s going to happen when the Divinicus folks reach the critical mass on earth. How many would be the critical mass? Doesn't it work a bit like gravity? The more are on the D side the stronger the pull for others to cross.

Right now the polarity is splitting us apart and fast. I was sitting on a park bench this afternoon, staring at the horizon and some chemtrails when this lady approached. She said: “Nice day, perhaps even too nice. It must be the global warming. The world will continue to degenerate as long as the Chineese don’t do something.” I asked her if she felt she could do something about it and she felt there was nothing. Then she said “I feel there is global shift happening in the world now. We’re heading towards a catastrophe”. I told her I felt the same. Then she asked what I was up to and I said I’m currently not working and just enjoy myself doing things I like. She said “you must keep yourself occupied then”. I answered, “au contraire, I’m just sitting here staring at the horizon, that’s all.” And then she turned around and left. And I wondered which direction will her consciousness go? I also wondered what will happen with me.