We have to work to consider what - of its own accord - is going on in the bigger picture?

I put it to you, that the universe exploded into being and unleashed flows of consciousness, like ripples on a pond (which people call the 'big-bang). In many places, unity consciousness gets stuck within the separation consciousness and identifies with it - identities are created. But these identities cause friction and disharmony - felt within us as pain, frustration, tightness, anger, worry, fear etc, etc, etc.

    I also put it to you, that the universe, of it's own natural accord, by it's own natural mechanism, is working to unravel that. The energies are working towards a balanced torus - harmony in all places, what some call 'nirvana'. It looks kind of like an apple, constantly vibrating and flowing - individual flows as souls move within it.

Here is a depiction of the torus with both the microcosym of a man (connecting through the chakars) into the macrocosym of the universal torus...

I put it to you that you will be most aligned, most in the flow, and most within internal harmony, when you're aligned with this macrocosym - it's an entirely natural movement back to the core - Ascension - which just feels 'right'.

What I observe, is that if there's any separation from this, an identity forms, which then hurts! But if that which is separate - ego - lets go and chooses to flow with the mainstream of one's soul, you ultimately come into alignment with the entirety, inside yourself. And it feels simply 'right'.

That's why the process Openhandway is perfectly designed to bring you into this alignment:

    It naturally causes that which is separate in you, to realign with the mainstream of your soul, and with that, the universal torus. And you can live that way in every single choice that you make, leading to nirvana within.


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