Hi Hannelore,

You said this...

    "I am faced with a situation where I have been contacted by a person in Europe in need of help to get out of an abusive situation. They do not have the will to do so"

Do you not see that you're looking at your own reflection?

What happens when you try to help someone that doesn't have the will to move forward? What does it do to your own energy field?

You said...

    "Lately I have waited for the path to happen as Ben says but then found a lack of motivation and direction as I hold the space."

It's a common fallacy about "letting things happen". Things truly 'happen' on the authentic path, because of the energy we are expressing. Do you get it?...your consciousness creates the path. It won't flow without that active engagement.

So where is your ray 1 warrior? Where is the letting go and positively moving forward? What can you do in your daily life that invokes that warrior?