Great advice Eddie. *OK*

It's always a bit of a challenge when balanced between the natural flow and the system.

Always but always in these situations, rather than focusing on the end outcome (in this case getting health insurance or not), I believe it helps most of all to ask: "what is it telling me?"

And usually it's telling you about some kind of tightness within the bodymind.

When I read what people write, or hear what they say, often words will 'spike' in the field, which provide an indication of what the true - underlying - exploration is really all about.

What jumps out here Naty, is the sense of responsibility - obligation even - for telling your mum about what choices you feel to make. Your path is your path, and no one else's. It's about you taking sovereignty for your own life. Do you really need to share with her all the details of your life? Would she likely understand a choice that comes from the spirit, and not the system?

How does it feel to do that? Are you afraid of the freedom from her and perhaps the system? The invitation is to explore deeply into any tightness the situation might cause. Work to unwind it and let go.

Look for a new aspect of beingness to come through - self empowerment perhaps? Then let this sense of beingness make the choice for you. It will become much more obvious.

Wishing you well