Thanks for sharing Naty and Open. The constant exploration of the systems we are surrounded by provides many growth opportunities for me. Sometimes those moments appear to see or feel the synchronicity for me as I too often find density to dance with in systems that a part of my life and my family. I struggle to overcome my mind wanting a certain outcome. Somedays I feel I have accomplished this while others days there is still something to unfold into. As Open talked about above what is this telling me is a harder question to answer than shall I pay my health insurance. Sometimes I dance with this by asking myself what if I have no attachment to the end result? No matter which action I take will continue to lead me down my path to uncover or explore new ways to connect deeper to myself. The fight for me pops up at times when some manner shape or form of FEAR is appearing. Being brave and courageous to allow myself to explore it and see how the flow is guiding me requires the quiet and the connection. When I connect to the realization somehow I got out of my flow and what pulled me over to that side to explore? For me, this can bring me to my knees at times and it can be so painful to feel through this rather than just go numb. Feeling through my pain creates a beautiful bridge to a place I now know I can't get to if I bypass, try to think it through or just go numb. I have been moving through another system myself and struggling as I don't have the knoweldge to navigate it on my own. It has been difficult to watch and see how the resources will appear as I would like to just get it done and put it away. That is not what is happening so I am asking for support to help naviagte this and surrendering.

As I share today I am in gratitude for all the support here and honor the gifts we receive from the seasonal change of spring and how mother earth is supporting us to shift and open in this very moment. namaste