Hi Ram - greetings, welcome to Openhand :-)

In order to help others, it's about helping ourselves. That's not meant to sound selfish - the best way to help is to find our own frequency and to resonate that as a vibration. This 'sounds' like a tuning fork, activating the light in others too.

It has to begin with the Inner Inquiry - to be the Observer of oneself as much as possible.

First you begin to realise you are not the bodymind. After which, you start to experience the subtle lightness of the soul, felt as expansiveness, joy, love, contentment and a passion for life. The key is then to keep giving attention and focus to these feelings. In which case they grow within you.

There will be many times on this inner journey where you hit blockages and it feels dense again. It's important to face these, accept them, and work into them (here we use the Openhand 9 Step Approach for dealing with such source pain).

It's a continual inner breakthrough, where you're unleashing the light of the soul by confronting the tightness of the density - softening into it.

Sure enough, over time, the soul will infuse. Then it will become increasingly clear how to be and what to do, from this new authentic beingness.

The Openhand Approach encompasses this all...Openhandway