Hola Cathy, mucho gracias for your energetic support! That was pretty much all I can say in Spanish at this point.
I've visited Spain couple of times and lived in a sort of a community with a lot of Spanish people and there's something in the energy that I love and just can't put my finger on. It feels something so fine and settle.
Spain started to call me a year ago but just recently I've felt ready to start to move towards it and as I did, the idea of commune came along. I've wanted to build a commune since I was a teen so maybe the idea wasn't all that sudden at all that I first thought. It's time for forgotten dreams to come alive.
Fiona, Wow, this is so powerful: "You don't pick your dreams, your dreams picks you". Goose bumps! Thank you.
Joann, I'd be delighted to live in a commune with you! Someone has to bring the music in the house!
Yes Jean! It's wonderful that you resonate with this. Let's keep in contact and see how it unfolds.