I love poetic expression of a journey and your poem (though from a while back) really felt true to my recent experience, for which I wrote a poem to express.  Below is my sharing; it has more word "play" than rhyme, but I love how yours rhymes so beautifully!  This time, for some reason, my words literally strayed from most of the rhymes I attempted, though a few snuck in there, lol!  So, this is it:


A poem by Aphroheidi


Gutted myself, ugly, karmic gifts (presents)

The depths are now surfaced

Soul lifts (presence);

Embracing life’s purpose

Now, not when it’s over

Like seeing the phoenixes rise before the fall,

Being high on music when you’re sober

Giving density your all,

Feel tingling all over

Responding to the call,

Nomadic mind-rover

Wanting to feel it all.

Over and over and over

Until you’re through,

No time to stall. 

Unearthing “demons”, falling without the slip.

A massive exodus of constructed karmic grip.

Ego, not “tistical”, but a human trip,

From the skin, low meets high in torus courtship

Planets bending, you’re not pretending, it’s never-ending…

The freedom.

Until the next karmic “gift”.







"This light of mine is your reflection"