Hi Marije,

It's lovely to hear your sharing - even though of course challenging.

It's also fantastic that you see the mirror you're creating. This is a hugely significant step on the journey. You said...

    "I have been desperately trying to get the housing organisation to resolve this problem, with no success so far. Other than the thought that perhaps this is telling me that it is time to move somewhere else, the whole situation has been driving me crazy with feelings of not being listened to, not being taken serious."

Remember we said authentic creation follows authentic consciousness? I've so often heard from people who've founded difficulty in a particular situation and tried to resolve it by simply changing the circumstances, only to recreate the exact same patterns elsewhere. So always the question first must be... "What is this showing me? How am I identifying with the situation and being less than I really can be?"

It sounds like the guy has a tough shell to crack through in order to be heard. It's clear that anger will only exacerbate the situation. But as you say yourself, it's reflecting to you not listening to the flow yourself. So why not try a different approach this time. Begin with "show me!" - then soften and watch for the feeling of what best to do. Commit to the process. Remember it will show you one of three things (depending on where you are in that particular soul integration cycle):

1. Your distortion
2. Gifts of beingness wanting to breakthrough
3. Right Action to follow

If it's a distortion, then work into it. If it's a gift of beingness, work to attune it. Then let Right Action flow from there.

Here's a golden opportunity - to take a real life challenge, and instead of trying to fix the circumstances (which are only the symptoms), work instead to unveil more highly evolved consciousness.

Example like these can be literally life changing.

Open *OK*