Dear all,

Open, thanks for your feedback! I definitely recognize myself as someone who often sees running away from a situation as the easiest solution. Things have been pretty full on since I am back from Bruges, it is amazing how quickly one can get sucked back into the density of daily life. When I was reading your feedback I caught my mind wanting an immediate answer to the three options that you gave, to know how to best move forward on this, but I managed to leave them up in the air until now, without really knowing what this situation is showing me.

The closest I have come so far is that it has something to do with (avoiding) confrontation, around which I can feel a lot of tightness that I haven’t fully managed to confront. In the case of the housing organization, the next step would be to send them a registered letter with a formal complaint, then to file a complaint against them with the municipality for overdue maintenance, so that they will be forced to resolve the issue. However, I have been dreading to write this letter for a while now and have kept on finding excuses for postponing it, hoping that the problem could still be resolved ‘in a nice and peaceful way’, rather than having to enforce it through a formal complaint and getting the municipality involved. I can feel a lot of fear around confrontation and potential conflict, though I am not sure why, there seems to be a strong fear of being defeated.

If I ponder on what this reflects about what’s happening inside of me, then it is perhaps a tendency of trying to resolve my inner tightnesses ‘in a nice way’ and finding excuses to avoid full confrontation with them. And perhaps there is a fear of being defeated by what a full on confrontation could bring up, that it could be too overwhelming to cope with. Something to explore further….

Trinity, the pleasure was all mine! I miss your delicious food and can’t wait to taste more of it in the future.

Eddie, I am glad to hear that my experiences can also be a helpful mirror to others!

Much love,