What an utterly divine week! I can still feel the vibes coursing through my whole body & biosphere.
Open, heartfelt gratitude for creating such a powerfully dynamic & graceful space to lead us all though various layers & infuse more Soul. We felt so embraced!!
And Trinity, aaaaahhh, there are no words for the magical Angelic goodies that you nourished us with. Your radiant Beingness is such a gift!
It was a true blessing to gather and delve deep with such an amazing group of beautiful Souls! Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing, inspiring, reflecting,… and for the insightful posts, emails & energetic connections through the ethers ;-)

At the end of the week together, I had this sense of expansion. But I didn't realise how very tangible it was until I got in my car and started driving.
Even though it's a small vehicle (a mini), I kept getting the feeling that I would hit the oncoming cars, and pickets or rods lining the road, as if my car was much, much wider than its actual dimensions.
It took me several days to integrate this expansive feeling with 3D structures in our environment. Hilarious!

And the dancing… rekindling the excitement and zest for life through movement and music - Wow! Such precious memories of sharing those sublime moments with you all!

The goats & chickens are missing you guys & the action (the food scraps)… and are eager for the next gathering in September (as are we) ;-)

Love, love, love,

Alexia & the Little One