Yes I agree, timely post! I'm so happy to see many people expressing truthfully. It's one of the reasons I was drawn to Openhand five months ago. I thought it was because I had finally opened my eyes, but today I realized it because I had reached a point that I needed to return. I didn't open my eyes to everything around me, I just finally couldn't ignore it any longer. Shit does get stirred up when you ignore what you are supposed to be doing, at least that is my opinion. There is good and bad, for me it's been part of the process of who I am inside and out. For the past month, I have taken a huge step back after asking for help with some guidance. Today, I was compelled to dive in and I was led from one extreme to another. I'm angry, in a sense because I have allowed so many outside influences to affect me, I allowed it, I sought them out.
I know now it's because I had something to learn, something I needed to see. Each day is new, and I know that how I choose to view it and react is my choice and in some way my personal lesson!!

Thanks again,